Transformation Program
My Online Transformation Program is what I consider to be the best way I can help you completely transform your physique.
When you become my client, I will ensure that your training program and diet plan fit your current fitness levels, unique body-structure, goals and lifestyle.
After signing up for my online coaching, you fill out a 6-page Comprehensive Client Assessment Form which covers: 
  • Your unique body-type and body-composition.
  • Training preference: Do you prefer to train at home or at the gym?
  • The training equipment you have access to and the time you legitimately have available to train.
  • Your current fitness levels. (E.g. chin up and push up max).
  • Injuries and pains you're dealing with.
  • Your definition of the physique you want to achieve (feel free to send me photos too).
  • The underlying reason to WHY you want to transform. 
  • And much more...
The Client Assessment Form enables me to design a training program and diet plan which produce optimal results for you and that you can realistically follow through with.
Your training program will be sent as a PDF directly to your email inbox and include instructional videos of all exercises and clear progressions that tell you the exact steps you have to take to get results from your training.
Your diet plan will also be sent as a PDF and outline the exact meals and portion sizes you have to eat and you will have a variety of meal options to choose from.
And in the case you don't have time to cook and prepare your meals, I will give you simple diet guidelines that you can follow daily to get the best results you possibly can.
Everything in your diet plan and training will be laid out clearly so it's easy to follow and in the case there's something you don't understand, you're always welcome to ask me.
Our communication will be through my client only email address where you can ask me any questions that come up:
  • “Can I replace chicken breast with sashimi?”
  • “Can I add a snack between lunch and dinner because I’m hungry?”
  • “I don’t feel my shoulders working on dumbbell reverse flyes. Can you check my video and give me feedback on my form?”
  • "Push ups hurt my shoulders, can we try an alternative exercise?"
  • "I need more variety for my breakfast. Can you add more breakfast options for me?"
  • And any other questions that come up.
Your questions will usually be answered within 24 hours by me personally (not an assistant) and at busy times, it might take up to 48 hours but NEVER more than that.
Every Sunday, I will also monitor your progress in our shared spreadsheet where you put in your body-measurements and training performance on a few key exercises that we track.
Based on your check-ins and our on-going email conversation, I will be able to evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your plan whenever needed. 
In other words, I will be there to guide you through every step of your transformation so you can get the best results you possibly can.
My online coaching program includes the contents and services listed below:
  • The SKINNY-FAT TRANSFORMATION Blueprint (184-page PDF): Covers all the basics of how a body-transformation works so you understand the underlying reasons behind everything we do during the coaching. 
  • Customised Training Program (PDF): Based on a 6-page Client Assessment Form, I will write a training program for you that includes the best exercises for your unique body-type and instructional videos of all exercises. 
  • Customised Diet Plan (PDF): Balanced diet plan that is realistic to implement into your lifestyle and with a variety of meal options that support fat loss or muscle gains.
  • Assessment of Diet and Training BioFeedback: We will track your BioFeedback so we know how your diet plan and training program affect your mood and energy levels. Based on your tracking, we will adjust your training program and diet plan to ensure that you get optimal results while feeling your best.
  • Weekly Progression Check-Ins: I will check on your progress every Sunday in our shared progression tracking sheet where you input your body-measurements, bodyweight and key training stats.  Based on your weekly check-ins and monthly progression photos, I will make adjustments to your diet and training strategy whenever needed. 
  • Unlimited access to my private coaching email address for 1-on-1 support: Any time you have questions or doubts just shoot me an email and I’ll reply within 24-48 hours. All replies comes from me personally and NOT an assistant.
  • Training and Diet Updates: I will send over new diet plans and training programs when you progress from one training and diet phase to another.
  • Technique checks: Send me videos of all your exercises and I will give you feedback so you can perfect your form.
Become My Next Client
I work with a maximum of 35 clients to ensure a high quality service. If this page is visible it means I still have at least one spot left. 

The pricing for my online coaching services is 197 USD/month.

This fully covers your training program, diet plan, supplement guide, weekly progression check-ins, access to my client only email address, exercise technique checks, hormonal blood work analysis, assessment of BioFeedback and training and diet updates.
You can secure your spot by filling out the form below:
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After you become a client you will be taken to a thank you page where you can download your 6-page CLIENT ASSESSMENT FORM which enables me to design the optimal body-transformation strategy for you.
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Logan Rando: “After 6 months of doing the beginner body weight routine I found myself 30 pounds lighter, with visible abs and a lean build. I took a vacation to the Dominican Republic and was constantly complimented on my physique."
Steve Chavez: "Results have been the best I’ve got in my entire life. Your program has improved my physical and and mental health. It was the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m planning to stick with this diet for the rest of my life.”
Harshit Godha: “I started with 0 wide grip pull ups, and progressed to 15.” I am quite surprised with my back and shoulder growth, it’s evident in the progress pictures you asked me to take. I am happy with the progress I have made so far and am looking forward to work more with you."
FJ: "Well, it’s the first time I’ve been lean since my early 20s… so there is no comparison!!! I’d like to say thank you. I took a leap of faith hiring someone through a website & email – and you have come through in flying colors."
Gordon Martin: "For the first time in 36 years, I am losing fat rather than gaining it! I already look better than most of my friends who are out of shape and overweight. "
Alex Huang: "Hey Oskar Faarkrog , many thx to you bro. I wouldnt make it without you"
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