Personal Coaching For Skinny-Fat Guys 
$197 per month
  • The SKINNY-FAT TRANSFORMATION eBook (184-page PDF): Comprehensive body-transformation blueprint covering training, nutrition, supplementation, metabolism, hormones, stress, sleep, cardio and realistic expectations. 
  • Customised Training Program and Diet Plan based on a comprehensive 6-page Client Assessment Form.
  • Personal Coaching Email: We will stay in touch on a regular basis through email. Ask me about any questions or doubts you have and I will reply within 24-48 hours. All replies come from me personally and NOT an assistant.
  • Weekly Progress Check-Ins: I will check on your progress every Sunday and give you my feedback. (Body-measurements, bodyweight and key training stats).
  • Training and Diet Updates: When you move to a new training Phase, I will send over new training programs and diet plans at no additional charge.
  • Exercise Form Checks: Whenever you're in doubt about your training technique, send me your videos and I will help you perfect your technique.
  • Cancel subscription at any time.
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